After almost 23 years in international policing, working numerous specialized units and witnessing countless acts of wrongdoing I came to the realization Police Services and other government agencies have the discretion to decide their own accountability. Their decision making process is usually based on personal or political agendas and not ‘right or wrong’.

Officer’s, government employees and others who decide to speak out are subjected to workplace harassment and retaliation or threatened with charges stemming from the numerous ‘Official Secrets Act’ type legislation’s enacted. These regulations in the vast majority of cases do nothing more than protect people in power from being held accountable for their misdeeds.

This needs to change and transparency and liability need to become commonplace.

Please contact me with stories of police, court or political misconduct and malfeasance, and workplace violations, or if you feel more comfortable post directly to the blog. My political and moralistic views are my own and are not affiliated with any past or present employer.

This website is for everyone. If you are a serving police officer, a government employee or anyone for that matter that requires anonymity please state so in your email.