Cst. Brad Lawrie Hamilton Police Service – posts comments on Twitter/ Facebook that results in an OIPRD investigation.

I have personal dealings with Cst. Lawrie, so I’ll keep my opnion out of this. At a time when relations between the police and visible ethnic minorities are strained to say the least the last thing we need is social media faux pas.

The complainant, Julian Mallah, alleges Cst. Lawrie treated him differently because of his visible ethnicity and a stereotypical assumption he was Muslim. Indeed, Cst. Lawrie made questionable ‘tweets’ under his handle ‘@thespeedhammer’, which Mr. Mallah subsequently found and used to evidence his grievance. Cst. Lawrie made no attempt to diguise the fact he is a serving police officer and even posted pictures of himself in uniform, with traffic enforcement related posts.

What stood out for me was Cst. Lawrie’s problematic Facebook ‘likes’ for organizations such as The North American Defence League who hold such sectarian goals as the ‘removal of Islam from the Western Hemisphere’. They hold objectives which could be considered to some racist at the very least, to others a war cry for genocide.

Hamilton Police Service have refused to confirm to media source if and what their social media policy is. I can confirm they have NO social media policy, which I think any layperson would find shocking.




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