Pitfalls of Litigating against the Police or a City.

My objective with this particular blog is to document the entire legal process when it comes to litigating against a Police Service and a City that has clearly behaved illegitimately. I’m not out to name, names but certain people and their wrongdoing will come up during the course of this writing, including, but not limited to Hamilton City Councillors and Police Officer’s.

The most apparent tactic used by the City is facilitated by their overwhelming access to taxpayer funds to hide their civil or criminal wrongdoings. They intend to bury you under motion, after motion in an attempt to build up your legal expenditures. “Burn you out of money!” as it was described to me by one lawyer. When you are $150,000 into legal fees and have no more money to pay litigators they will offer you $150,000 as a settlement asking you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You break even and walk away, leaving the stress behind you and they are happy having hidden their malfeasance for a relatively small sum.

Before filing my statement of claim I was contacted by Paul Ryan, lawyer for the City Of Hamilton. He offered me $15,000 to drop the lawsuit without any conditions. I refused and considering all Hamilton Police put my wife, my children and I through was insulted to say the least. I have since been told he was authorized by Hamilton Police Service to offer up to $50,000 to ‘make this go away’, but he knew I would’ve refused that too. That to me seems like quiet a lot of public money to end a lawsuit that was described by Cllr. Lloyd Ferguson as “scandalous, frivolous and vexatious.”

The problem with the system as it stands is lawyers are allowed to charge whatever they want. The vast majority have no integrity when it comes to billing. I was told by one I would need to take out a second mortgage on my home for them to even commence. I understand lawyers need sustenance too and I would be the first to concede the obvious expense of living on a diet of the souls of new born babies and panda blood. However, $100,000 for a retainer?

I have lawyers who motives do not include fiscal dominance now willing to work on a contingency basis, however the percentage they are requesting is high and my knowledge of the documents required for disclosure unique I am going to continue as I have done, by myself. If you are a lawyer, ignore my negative comments about your profession, bookmark this page and offer remarks in the comment section as any ‘off the book’ help would be greatly appreciated.

So, forward with disclosure and discovery. I’ll be honest, there’s some people I can’t wait to serve with a ‘notice of examination’ because I know for a fact they’re going to perjure themselves and for that offence, I will charge them myself.


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