This website is about having your voice heard.  It’s about changing a system which allows those with authority the remit to commit wrongdoings without fear of recourse. I have personal experience of being on the wrong side of people with power and the frustrations that come with attempting to complain through an integrity lacking and toothless grievance system.

If you have a situation where you believe further investigation would shed light on wrongdoing, please send me the details through our contacts page and allow me to assist. If you have information and fear retaliation, contact me directly and we can discuss protections that can be put in place.

Some simple rules:

  • If you can’t reference your story with newspaper articles, lawsuits etc. then send the story directly to me and I’ll write it, avoiding obvious litigation issues
  • This website is not the place for vulgarity
  • This website is not the place for threats
  • Please, respect the opinions of other people

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